AntOS 1.0.0-alpha

Github: branch antos-1.0.0a

Demo: using user name and password: demo/demo

If one wants to run AntOS VDE locally in their system, a docker image is available at:

API Documentation:

It has been a long time since version 0.x.x and now AntOS hits a major changes in its API. From version 1.0.0, AntOS no longer depends on Riot.js in its core UI API. This version introduces a brand new AntOS UI API called AFX API which is rewritten from bottom up. The entire AntOS core API is rewritten in Typescript (from Coffeescript) for better debugging, code maintenance and documenting.

Browser support: tested on Chrome, Firefox and partly Safari. Any browser that supports custom elements API should work. May have problem with Microsoft Edge.

Change logs

  • Say goodbye to Riot.js and welcome Afx, the brand new AntOS UI API
  • Rewrite the entire core system in Typescript for better maintenance
  • Core API now has Unit test using jest
  • Introduce AntOS dark and AntOS light theme
  • Default core applications are: Files, CodePad, Setting, Syslog, and MarketPlace
  • More application can be install via MarketPlace
  • AntOSDK is now integrated into CodePad
  • Other applications are now developed with CodePad using AntOSDK and are hosted in a separated repository
  • System errors are reported in Syslog



The core of AntOS is based on some open source libraries:

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